Angry Birds Debit Card Release in 2013

People are quite familiar with Rovio, the maker of multiple Angry Bird games for mobile devices. Due to the success of Angry Birds, Rovio has also been able to build an entire branch of Angry Bird novelty products as well. Now the Finnish company has decided to roll out another product strategy to add to its successful brand stable: prepaid debit cards.
Partnering with Kaiku in a co-branding agreement, Rovio began testing the debit cards with consumers in July 2012, hoping to ride on the popularity of the game and fans’ interest everywhere. The card itself is designed to work with multiple financial institutions, so users can load funds onto the debit card from traditional bank accounts as well as electronic accounts such as Paypal. Kaiku jumped on the partnership opportunity, knowing that Rovio’s Angry Birds has worldwide appeal and the brand is highly marketable in most tech-friendly areas.

For the U.S. market, Kaiku may sound like a foreign company name. However, the business networks with over 50,000 different ATM spots in the U.K, Canada, Australia, Mexico and the U.S. In addition, the Angry Birds debit cards are designed to offer users additional benefits. First, the prepaid card works well for parents who want to make sure their kids have purchasing power but won’t get themselves into deep debt trouble or sap an entire bank account dry. Second, the cards are linked to user data online and transfer funds between themselves and other Kaiku card users, using a free Kaiku app available on both Apple App Store as well as the Android market.

The mass release on the new Angry Birds debit card can be expected to happen in early or spring 2013. Both Rovio and Kaiku expect a strong response as they already know Angry Birds fans have built up quite a following for the brand.

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