Seeking a Prepaid Card for the Holidays?

If you are on of the many consumers seeking a prepaid debit card for purchasing gifts this holiday season, consider all of the various card offers available to you as not cards are built the same.
When comparing offers, pay close attention to the fees and benefits associated with each respective card. Closely review the “Terms and Conditions” of a card before applying for one. Some companies charge for checking your balance and/or contacting customer service representatives.

There are also several pre-paid cards which will charge you for reloading money on to the card, as well at ATM withdrawal fees. Another common fee is the amount it costs to “purchase” the card itself, averaging $25 at most local retailers.

Remember these types of cards are geared to those who do not have a regular bank account, sometimes termed the “underbanked.”

If you’re shopping for a prepaid card online, consider browsing our reviews and comparisons here.


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